Sunday, April 18, 2010

Someone WORKS Here?? I promised a while back that I would post before and after pictures of my disastrous here's the before pics.

Now...let me tell you how this happened...I actually HAVE a craft room in my basement. However, it is oddly shaped, not very big, and it's IN THE BASEMENT. That means that every time the doorbell rings (with more Stampin' Up! deliveries usually), or if I need something to drink, or if the kids wake up early from nap, I have to go up and back down the stairs. Not so much fun for me. So I find myself saying "I need to go downstairs and work on {insert pending or past due project here}, but ugh, I don't want to work down there." So I started out just going down and getting what I needed for a particular project (my monthly swap cards). That continued with each new project until now...I have almost as many supplies upstairs all over the dining room, as I have in the CRAFT room. I'm hoping if I organize it and straighten it up, that my husband will not make me go back to the craft room in the dungeon. Sooo...I hafta HAFTA get organizing. prepare yourselves...this could get ugly!


  1. DUDE! you have a blog! lovin" the bckground, etc too! miss not seein' you at stacey's!

  2. ROTFL! Just how does it get like that. When you figure it out, let me know cuz mine looks like that right now too!